Mission Projects for 2024

1st Quarter - LCMS National Offering

The purpose and goal of the 2023–2026 LCMS National Offering is to produce meaningful Lutheran resources in other languages so that all may read, hear and speak the Good News of Christ crucified. This triennium, support the translation and production of meaningful Lutheran resources in languages other than English through the LCMS National Offering.

Please keep in mind this important mission project through the first quarter. LCMS, states that “our commitment as LCMS congregations and workers is to walk together with the Word of God as our only guide for doctrine and practice.”

2nd Quarter - Help Support our Military

Our Mission

The mission of Operation Barnabas is to ignite a positive transformation in the lives of veterans and first responders through faith, action, and encouragement.

Our Vision

The vision of Operation Barnabas is to eliminate veteran homelessness, addiction, and suicide by acting strategically and timely to make veterans whole again. With one-to-one mentoring and meaningful, measurable, and manageable action steps, Operation Barnabas is a community for those seeking a hand up, not a hand out. We are seeking those ready for transformation and victory rather than regression and victimhood. Not everyone is ready.

We believe that God created all human beings in His image. Therefore, we believe that human life is sacred from conception to its natural end; that we must honor the physical and spiritual needs of all people; following Christ’s example, we believe that every person should be treated with love, dignity.

4th Quarter - TBD